Qingdao GuanRui Carbon Fiber Technology Co,.Ltd

Van goede kwaliteit Koolstof het Verwarmen Film voor verkoop
Van goede kwaliteit Koolstof het Verwarmen Film voor verkoop
Zeer aardig en genoeg patiënt. Het professionele team, zal zeer geruststellend en blijven samenwerken.

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Qingdao GuanRui Carbon Fiber Technology Co,.Ltd

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Qingdao GuanRui Carbon Fiber Technology Co,.Ltd Qingdao GuanRui Carbon Fiber Technology Co,.Ltd

Bedrijf Details:

Type Business : Fabrikant
Grote Markt : Noord-Amerika
Merken : TTWARM
Aantal werknemers : >>100
Opgericht Jaar : 2001
Export pct : 80% - 90%

Qingdao Guan Rui Carbon Fiber Technology Co., LTD was founded in 2001, with national infrared and industrial electric products quality supervision and inspection center certification qualifications, professional health electric heating products for heating, heat health physical therapy products provide r&d customization, production, logistics, installation guide, which integrates perfect electric warming the overall solution, is dedicated to the broad masses of customers to build "acme, personality, taste" of heating of the high quality living space.

For more than twenty years, Guan Rui in product research and development of science and technology, heating material selection, product customization, and other areas of the multiple electric warming hard skills, effective collectivization development trajectory, integration of the electric heating industry whole industry chain, opened a number of leading electric warming enterprise mode of operation:




In 1999, the first set of electronic management system was developed and used in the electric heating industry to provide more perfect member services for the end consumers.


In 2001, established the global operation center of TTWARM electric heating series products;


In 2003, we launched the factory independent module, successfully split the four links of technology r&d, brand marketing, production management and storage and logistics, and realized the efficient operation of the module.


In 2010, the heating technology was developed and expanded into the field of business and leisure heating.


In 2013, we invested in the production of 5,000 square meters of carbon fiber product science and technology production park, and independently developed the production line of electric heating products.


In 2015, guangrui science and technology integrated heating experience exhibition hall officially opened, so that customers can experience the world's advanced electric heating products.


GuanRui technology also with the domestic and international numerous line heating brands has established the strategic alliance, from research and development of science and technology to product design, production management, marketing planning, product service multi-pronged, made GuanRui technology of high quality, high market reputation.


Along the way, GuanRui honor with science and technology, has won more than 20 patents, become China's electric warming ten strong enterprise, graphene, carbon fiber products qualified enterprises in China, the European Union CE certification, RoSH green safety certification, SGS international quality level detection, V2 Europe flame retardant, graphene fever and technology of China post enterprises, the most innovative companies in Qingdao, to leading the industry enterprise in each aspect, can be a good model for the electric heating industry development.


Qingdao GuanRui Carbon Fiber Technology Co,.Ltd

Qingdao GuanRui Carbon Fiber Technology Co,.Ltd

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